Which literary terms are used by Jhumpa Lahiri in The Namesake? List several and describe how they were used.

self confict= gogol struggling with his name
Climax= Ashoke's death.
flash back= Ashima tells and think about her family in Culcutta when she is in the hospital before Gogol's birth.
Characterlization= the very begining of the novel starts with Ashima's characterization.
themes= different themes appear at different parts in the novel.some themes are continued though out the novel.
plot=the book takes place at different places(America/ India.) with different peoples around
setting= the setting shifts from Massachusetts to Cullcuta and Culcata to Massachusetts .
Omniscient= this novel is told in third person point of view where Jhumpa lahiri reveals the thoughts and feeling of the characters through her words.
Irony= Ashoke's accident at first and later after several years Ashoke's death was very Ironic as it happened all of a sudden.
Mood= very serious mood is build up at several insidents and specially a malancolic feeling when Ashima hears about Ashoke's death...
Gogol changes after his dad's death with different feelings about the world.
Symbolism= Gogol's name itself symolizes him being not ollowing Bangali culture..as his name itself is not Bangali..